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Accent League Meets Under the High Wheel

I was asked to take some photos at Under the High Wheel last week as one of my clients (Accent Infills) was putting together a fund raiser to help the Ritchie Community League build a new hall. Under the High Wheel is a restaurant on Whyte Ave and 102nd St with nice big windows west facing and the group was seated near them which suited me just fine. The guests were a mix of Accent Infills' clients who have bought their Skinny homes in the neighbourhood of Ritchie, staff from Accent Infills and even the president of the Ritchie Community League himself. 

It was a really good time, everyone enjoyed the menu - and the wine pairings suggested by the staff at Under the High Wheel were on point. 

Since my friends own Under the High Wheel, I ended up taking the group photos for Accent Infills of the guests enjoying themselves and I also took photos of the food too.

Using the nice big windows to my advantage I had the staff drop off a plate from each course on a spare table so I could get a shot. I was really happy with the results. Normally when you shoot food you do it in a studio where you have full control over the lighting as food can be shiny in ways you'd want to minimize if possible (think of a turkey out of the oven - how greasy it can look if you're not careful). Here is a small selection of shots from that evening. 

Thanks to Matt from Accent Infills for inviting me to capture this fabulous group who all got together for such a good cause!


Eric Newby